Accounting Process Design and Development

SCG Vietnam

전망: 115

갱신일: 15-11-2023

위치: Ho Chi Minh

범주: 회계 / 감사 금융 / 은행 / 재고

수평: Nhân viên

봉급: Thương lượng

교육: Cử nhân

섹스: Nam / Nữ

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업무 설명서

* Job Summary
- Accounting Operation Process Design
- Process Improvement
- Business Architect for Accounting Applications / Tools
- Accounting Process Consult
- Daily consultation about accounting operation process design and process improvement
* Key Responsibilities
- Be a business process architect in projects for design accounting processes such as related accounting entry, taxation, and workflow
- Cooperate with IT & related departments to manage & complete the project
- Communicate with the internal user to apply the new process/system
- Learn best practices among SCG’s subsidiaries to apply to others.

작업 요구 사항

* Education Background:
- Bachelor / Master in Accounting and related fields
* Working Experience:
- At least 5 years of Accounting Experience
- Working experience in Share Service model is an advantage
- Working experience in any Accounting Operation Process project is an advantage
* Competencies/Skills:
- General Knowledge of Accounting and Tax
- Business Process Analytic Skill
- Skill to Consult and Capture Content Issues
- Workflow Process Design Skill
- Ability to Work in High-pressured Environment
- Good Communication and Collaboration
- Communicate fluently in English

연락 정보

접촉: SCG Vietnam

주소: An Phu Plaza, 117-119 Ly Chính Thắng, Phường Võ Thị Sáu , Quận 3 , Hồ Chí Minh , Viet Nam

마감 시간: 15-12-2023

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